virgo zodiac necklace


Virgo Zodiac Sign Dates: August 23 – September 22 

Virgo Symbol: The Virgin’s quiet manner is a perfect match for Virgo’s logical outlook and high standards. 

Earth sign Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, and is one of a few zodiac signs that isn’t an animal. Virgo’s zodiac symbol looks like an “M,” which represents the first letter of the word “maiden.” The symbol also has a loop that crosses back onto itself, like a set of closed legs. This refers to Virgo’s pure nature and represents their tendency to discern between right and wrong. It also alludes to their tendency to close themselves off to anything they deem impure. Their standards and morals for others are high, but are even higher for themselves.


0.5" charm pendent 

16" chain with 1.5" extender

gold or silver plated

anti-tarnish coated

hypoallergenic - nickel and lead free