libra zodiac necklace


Libra Horoscope Dates: September 23 – October 22 

Libra Symbol: The Scales perfectly symbolize Libra’s desire for balance and their lifelong quest for fairness. 

Always wanting to keep the peace, Libra’s symbol is the Scales of Justice. It’s fitting that Libra’s symbol is an equally balanced scale. It also represents the sun on top of the horizon, which is a highly balanced depiction of life. The “in-between” phase of the sun rising and setting is often where Libra lives. As the only non-living symbol of the zodiac, the Scales represent Libra’s quest for fairness and equality. It also highlights their indecisiveness, swinging from one side of an issue to another while searching for the truth.


0.5" charm pendent 

16" chain with 1.5" extender

gold or silver plated

anti-tarnish coated

hypoallergenic - nickel and lead free