pisces zodiac necklace


Pisces Zodiac Sign Dates: February 19 – March 20 

Pisces Symbol: Two Fish swimming in opposite directions symbolize Pisces’ indecisiveness and desire to connect with others. 

Featuring Two Fish linked together, Pisces’ symbol is easily recognizable. The Two Fish remind us that Pisces are often are living “in-between” reality and their dreams. The fish are connected to each other, and so is Pisces to two different worlds. The Fish are often said to be swimming in two different directions, which is a nod to Pisces’ indecisiveness. But although the Fish are trying to move in opposite directions, they are connected by a chord. An obvious representation of Pisces’ inability of moving away from people who need them. Even when they know they should walk away, their kindness and compassion can often keep them tethered to people or situations that might ultimately weigh them down.


0.5" charm pendent 

16" chain with 1.5" extender

gold or silver plated

anti-tarnish coated

hypoallergenic - nickel and lead free